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Welcome to the New JASNA.org

July 1, 2017

Welcome to the New JASNA.org

We are excited to unveil JASNA's redesigned website! For returning visitors who would like to know what has changed, here is a quick summary. 

Site Design

The most noticeable change is the website’s new look.  It is fresh and contemporary, but still evokes our interest in Jane Austen’s writing and era with color drawn from a Robert Adam ceiling and design touches reminiscent of antique books.

The responsive design of the site adapts to the different display sizes of desktops, tablets, and smart phones, and the layout of the home page allows JASNA to spotlight seasonal programs, upcoming events, and contests—including our virtual Memorial Book, where visitors can leave a tribute to Jane Austen to mark the 200th anniversary of her death on July 18, 1817.


The main menu is designed to guide you to the appropriate section of the website before your first click.  Each menu item is accompanied by a short description of the content you will find in that section of the site.

In addition, "quick links" at the top of every page make it easy to find the Search feature, the Regional Groups page, the Contact page, and the JASNA Member Portal.    

The "breadcrumb" trail above the headline of a lower-level page can help you retrace your steps and find your way home.  Clicking on the JASNA logo will also take you directly to the home page.


All articles and essays available to the public are now centrally located in the Publications section of the site, including the winning entries from the Essay Contest. 

In addition to the site-wide keyword Search tool available in the top left corner of every page, you can now search for articles and essays on the publication landing pages by Topic or Work using a new Filtered Search tool.  Please noteIt will take some time to manually tag JASNA's 1,600 articles, essays, and book reviews.  If you are looking for all articles and essays on a particular topic, please use the keyword Search function until the tagging project has been completed. 

New Content and Enhancements 

For the most part, we focused on transferring content from the old site to the new.  However, a few new pages have been added with this release, including:

  • New pages for each of Jane Austen’s novels, with discussion guides and links to maps and other related resources (Go to "Jane Austen's Works"); 

  • A new page spotlighting the churches with close ties to Jane Austen’s family (Go to "Austen Family Churches");

  • The Jane Austen Memorial Book, where site visitors can leave a tribute to Jane Austen to mark the 200th anniversary of her death on July 18, 1817;

  • The JASNA Post, a new communications center we will use to publish announcements, special news stories, and observations. (Recent posts are on the home page.  For older posts, go to "The JASNA Post" page under "About JASNA.")

What's Next

Work on the website redesign doesn’t end with this launch.  We will continue to add new content and photos, take advantage of new capabilities, tag JASNA’s articles and essays for the filtered search tool, and convert them to the new format.

Feedback or Suggestions?

The Website Steering Committee would like to hear from you as we continue to update and improve the website.  Please send your comments to e-communications@jasna.org.