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Jane Austen: 1775-1817

June 12, 2017

Jane Austen:  1775-1817

Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817, at the age of 41. We invite you to post a tribute in the Memorial Book in celebration of her life and work and in commemoration of the bicentenary of her death.

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  • Rebecca Hastings Jul 18, 2017, 5:56 AM (2 years ago)

    Thank you, dear Jane, for many hours of reading pleasure, and for your charming heroines, your varied heroes, your foolish vicars and especially for your wit. You have enriched my life with leaning, balls, costumes and travel. And I am remembering today standing in the peaceful room in 2003 where you died in Cassandra's arms. Thank you for sharing yourself with the world.

  • Rita Baker-Schmidt Jul 18, 2017, 5:50 AM (2 years ago)

    Rest in peace Jane Austen, "A Lady".

  • Cathy Cortes Jul 18, 2017, 5:47 AM (2 years ago)

    How can I say "thank you" for the pleasure that Jane Austen's words have brought me? Every time I read her words I see something new. Thanks to JASNA learning about her life and times have enriched my experience. The world is a richer place for her having been among us all too briefly.

  • Marlene Kondelik Jul 18, 2017, 5:42 AM (2 years ago)

    Thank you, Jane Austen, for the great pleasure that I have had, over a long lifetime, from reading your novels. You have also enriched my life in so many ways. I have taught two Jane Austen courses, have joined JASNA (although I have been able to attend only one conference), and have accumulated a wonderful collection of books about your. I am now reading, in your memory, the new biography by Lucy Worsley.

  • Elizabeth Webb Jul 18, 2017, 5:37 AM (2 years ago)

    Without your wit, your spirit of writing I would not be enjoying Regency spirited events. Life would be so much boring and dull. Thankfully you share your talents with us two hundred years on, thank you Jane and may your rest in glory.

  • Cindy Atchison Jul 18, 2017, 5:33 AM (2 years ago)

    Thank You, Dearest Jane, for your wonderful and vivid stories which have enhanced my life ten fold.
    Blessings upon you and your family.

  • Verena Rose Jul 18, 2017, 5:31 AM (2 years ago)

    I was much older than most when I first read one of your amazing novels. Now I've read them all and re-read them periodically. They, are for me, a comfort read.

  • Christine Hiller Jul 18, 2017, 5:10 AM (2 years ago)

    Dear (if I may be so bold) Miss Jane, permit me to extend to you heartfelt birthday wishes. Your novels and poems have provided many, many hours of reading pleasure to a multitude of people all over the world - thank you for your unestimable gifts!
    I remain, Miss Jane, your devoted reader...

  • Jenn Bennie Jul 18, 2017, 4:55 AM (2 years ago)

    Thank you Ms Austen. You showed me feminism has everything to do with knowing what one wants and not what one is told to want. :) and a woman's wit is her most attractive asset.

  • Brenda Howell Jul 18, 2017, 4:38 AM (2 years ago)

    From Rudyard Kipling's The Janites.
    Jane? Why, she was a little old maid ’oo’d written ’alf a dozen books about a hundred years ago. ’Twasn’t as if there was anythin’ to ’em, either. I know. I had to read ’em. They weren’t adventurous, nor smutty, nor what you’d call even interestin’—all about girls o’ seventeen (they begun young then, I tell you), not certain ’oom they’d like to marry; an’ their dances an’ card-parties an’ picnics, and their young blokes goin’ off to London on ’orseback for ’air-cuts an’ shaves.
    …[I]t’s a very select Society, an’ you’ve got to be a Janeite in your ’eart, or you won’t have any success. An’ yet he made me a Janeite! I read all her six books now for pleasure ’tween times in the shop; an’ it brings it all back—down to the smell of the glue-paint on the screens. You take it from me, Brethren, there’s no one to touch Jane when you’re in a tight place. Gawd bless ’er, whoever she was.

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