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Jane Austen: 1775-1817

June 12, 2017

Jane Austen:  1775-1817

Jane Austen died on July 18, 1817, at the age of 41. We invite you to post a tribute in the Memorial Book in celebration of her life and work and in commemoration of the bicentenary of her death.

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  • Julie Byzewski 17/07/2017 7:13am (5 months ago)

    Just a brief note to say you have enriched my life immeasurably with your unforgettable characters and enthralling stories. A great fan (a modern word for enthusiast, Miss Austen).

  • Misty Krueger 17/07/2017 3:39am (5 months ago)

    I am so pleased to be at Chawton right now as I type this message. I will be in Winchester tomorrow to honor Jane. Thanks to Jane for enriching our lives with wonderful tales of family, friends, love, and personal growth.

  • Barbara Duno 16/07/2017 10:23pm (5 months ago)

    Thank you Jane for the six most wonderful novels in the English language. I only wish you had lived longer to give us more of your incredible talent. I also wish we had the letters Cassandra destroyed.

  • Deborah Coons 16/07/2017 6:07pm (5 months ago)

    I was re-introduced to Jane Austen by my college roommate Margaret who marked my 40th birthday with a copy of Pride and Prejudice and a membership in JASNA. It is almost 40 years later and I can say that Jane Austen has enriched my life beyond measure. For a number of years, Margaret and I would meet at AGMs around the country sharing our love for each other and for Jane. My two daughters and my granddaughter have welcomed Jane and all of her characters into their lives as well. Our thanks to you, Jane. We are blessed indeed.

  • Toni Sherman 16/07/2017 3:29pm (5 months ago)

    Jane has been enriching my life for many many years now. And she keeps doing so. I never tire of her wit, insights and great story telling. I have taught about her to many students, and they all end up loving her as I do. I'm sure her name will be honored and revered for generations to come. Toni Sherman

  • Vanessa 16/07/2017 3:04pm (5 months ago)

    Thank you, Miss Austen, for writing and publishing your books. I cannot imagine how difficult that was for you to do, but I am grateful you persevered. Your work is inspirational, clever, and eternal. It influences everything I read because your work is the status quo by which other writers are judged. You have been and always will be my favorite writer.

  • Mary Keefer 16/07/2017 12:12pm (5 months ago)

    Dearest Jane--you are in our hearts and minds forever, so to many of us, you are very much alive and speak so clearly to every generation. Here, in Bozeman, Montana, USA--We are having a party on Tuesday, July 18 starting at 5:30 p.m. and local Janeites are very excited to join in the celebration. We know you approve as Ann Elliot told us in Persuasion that your greatest pleasure was the company of "clever, well informed people, who have a great deal of conversation; that is what I call good company."

  • Jeanne Eloff 16/07/2017 10:04am (5 months ago)

    Jane, your stories have been read and then reread many time over. Your characters are unforgettable. I search for other authors who have carried on to write further stories about Darcy and Elizabeth and many others. I just finished reading Pemberly Shades, and I think you would have enjoyed it very much. I hope you know how much your work is beloved and appreciated by so many people around the world.

  • Debra Matheney 16/07/2017 9:45am (5 months ago)

    It has been a joy to have had your works to illuminate life in Regency England. All who read you are enriched. You so well understood human nature and our foibles in ways which reach across time. I was lucky enough to stand at your grave in that wondrous cathedral, where I could not help but wonder what you and your family would make of your lasting legacy. A toast to another 200 hundred years of new fans and the countless pleasure your writing will give them.

  • Sheila L. Majczan 16/07/2017 9:24am (5 months ago)

    I can only say as you are, for me, the greatest of all novelists:
    "The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel must be intolerable stupid."
    Thank you for the many hours of pleasure.

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