The theme of the 2015 AGM is “Living in Jane Austen’s World.”  This theme allows for a wide variety of subjects to be explored during the conference.  Possible subjects include entertainments during the period to fashion, food, philosophy, religion, or theatre.  Broader topics could include how life was lived in the England of Jane Austen’s time as compared to her former colony “across the pond.”  Another comparison could discuss the differences in daily living between the classes in England at the time or the difference between how daily life and global events were reflected in Austen’s writings.  There is an almost endless list of topics that could be covered in relation to the Georgian/ Regency time period.  All of these areas reflect the changing society in which Austen lived and provide the framework for understanding the importance of her works in her own time and discovering modern parallels which make her work pertinent today.  We hope speakers will elicit excitement in their presentations with a balance that will appeal to both scholars and any well-informed Janeite interested in learning more about England and her Empire during Austen’s lifetime.