1998 Annual General Meeting, Oct 9-11, Quebec City, Quebec, Canada

Theme: “Northanger Abbey: the Gothic and More”

Conference Speakers and Topics


Banquet Speaker

Maggie Lane, Author: “Jane Austen and Food”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998). “The French Bread at Northanger.” Persuasions 20 (1998): 135-145.


Plenary Sessions

Friday Kenneth Graham “The Case of the Petulant Patriarch”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“The Case of the Petulant Patriarch.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 119-134.
Guelph University, Ontario, Author of many books and articles on Gothic fiction
Saturday David Mendel An illustrated talk on the neo-Gothic architecture of Quebec City Local historian and tour guide
Sunday Mary-Ellen Reisner “Jane Austen's Quebec” Laval University, Quebec City, Quebec, Author: Strangers and Pilgrims


Panel Discussions

Horrid Session: Jane Austen’s involvement in and adoption of the Gothic

Jan Fergus “The Gothic Moan” Lehigh University, Pennsylvania, Author: Jane Austen and the Didactic Novel; Jane Austen: A Literary Life
Isobel Grundy “An Augustan’s Gothic” University of Alberta, Co-editor, Feminist Companion to Literature in English; Biographer of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
Barbara Seeber “Reframed violence” in The Monk, The Italian, and Northanger Abbey Regional Coordinator, Prince Edward Island Region


Breakout Sessions

Christine Alexander “The Prospect of Blaise: Landscape and Perception in Northanger Abbey University of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
Irene Collins “The Reverend Henry Tilney, Rector of Woodson“
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“The Rev. Henry Tilney, Rector of Woodston.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 154-164.
Author: Jane Austen and the Clergy
Stephen Clarke “Abbeys Real and Imagined”—slide presentation
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Abbeys Real and Imagined: Northanger, Fonthill, and Aspects of the Gothic Revival.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 92-105.
Architectural historian, England
Joan Austen-Leigh “Jane Austen: The French Connection”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Jane Austen: The French Connection.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 106-118.
Co-founder of JASNA; founding editor of Persuasions
David Oakleaf “Narrating and Reading in Northanger Abbey University of Calgary
Juliet McMaster “Speakers of Northanger Abbey
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Clothing the Thought in the Word: The Speakers of Northanger Abbey.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 207-221.
University of Alberta, Author of numerous books and articles; Co-organizer of Lake Louise AGM
Bruce Stovel Northanger Abbey at the Movies”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
Northanger Abbey at the Movies.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 236-247.
University of Alberta, Co-organizer of Lake Louise AGM
Robert Merrett “Jane Austen’s Economic View of Literary Nationalism”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Consuming Modes in Northanger Abbey: Jane Austen’s Economic View of Literary Nationalism.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 222-235.
University of Alberta, Former president of the Canadian Society for Eighteenth-Century Studies
Celine Kear and Ruby Donner “Entail, Marriage Settlements and Jointures in Northanger Abbey and Other Jane Austen Novels” Celine Kear is Regional Coordinator, Manitoba Region
Eleanor Ty “What Happens to Female Bodies in Gothic Castles”
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Catherine’s Real and Imagined Fears: What Happens to Female Bodies in Gothic Castles.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 248-260.
Wilfrid Laurier University, Ontario, Author of various works on eighteenth-century women writers
Claire Grogan “Publishing Northanger Abbey: Then and Now”—slide presentation Editor, Broadview edition of Northanger Abbey
Jacqueline Reid Walsh “Education of Catherine Morland” Regional Coordinator, Montreal Region
Sheila Kindred “Catherine Morland’s development in Bath“
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“From Puppet to Person: The Development of Catherine’s Character in the Bath Chapters of Northanger Abbey.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 196-206.
St. Mary’s University, Nova Scotia
John Dussinger “General Tilney as Gothic Monster“
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Parents Against Children: General Tilney as Gothic Monster.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 165-174.
University of Illinois, Champaign, Author: In the Pride of the Moment
Joseph Wiesenfarth “Invention of Civility in Northanger Abbey University of Wisconsin, Madison, Co-organizer of Madison AGM
Deirdre Gilbert “Significance of primogeniture in Northanger Abbey Regional Coordinator, Colorado
Loftus Jestin “Linguistic Effusions in Northanger Abbey Chairman, English Department, Central Connecticut State University, Author of a book on Thomas Gray
Richard Quaintance “Austen’s Heroine-Teasing Narrators Before, During, and After Northanger Abbey Rutgers University, New Jersey
Barbara Benedict “What Books Prove in Northanger Abbey—illustrated presentation Trinity College, Connecticut, Author of books and articles on eighteenth-century fiction
Nancy Johnson Northanger Abbey and the Politics of the Gothic” Associate Editor of the Boswell Papers, Yale University
Joan R. Viedenburgh “Bath and the English Country House; The Importance of Place in Northanger Abbey Doctoral dissertation on Northanger Abbey
Elvira Casal “Known and Imagined Mothers in Northanger Abbey
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
“Motherhood and Reality in Northanger Abbey.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 146-153.
Douglas Murray “The Heroine in Public: Meeting and Resisting the Gaze in Northanger Abbey”—illustrated presentation Belmont University, Nashville, Tennessee, Co-editor, Oxford edition, Jane Austen’s Catharine and Other Writings
Devoney Looser and George Justice “He Says, She Says: Dueling Interpretations of Courtship in Northanger Abbey
Published in Persuasions 20 (1998).
Northanger Abbey as Anti-Courtship Novel.”
Persuasions 20 (1998): 185-195.
Devoney Looser teaches at the University of Wisconsin; editor of Jane Austen and Discourses of Feminism, George Justice teaches at Marquette University


JASNA Business Sessions

Thursday: Regional Coordinators Training Institute, 8:30 am

Thursday: Board of Directors Meeing, 4:30 pm

Saturday: JASNA and JASNA-Canada Business Meetings (Time TBA)

Sunday: Regional Coordinators Breakfast, 8:00 am


Friday: Breakfast at the Astral, 29th floor of Loews Le Concorde Hotel; tour of the Jeanne d’Arc Garden with Larry Hodgson; concert of music from New France by l’Ensemble Novelle France; reception with music by a harpist

Saturday: Continental breakfast; banquet in the evening preceded by a cash bar

Sunday: Specially-designed cathedral service; brunch at the hotel

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