Breakout Session Selections

To help your AGM planners select the rooms appropriate to the speaker, please make a selection of one speaker from each breakout session.  We do appreciate your help in this so we can provide YOU with a pleasant experience.  Selections are not binding.

Session One:  Friday, October 5, 3:15 p.m. - 4:15 p.m.

A.  Uncorsetting Austen:  Sexual Passion and Narrative Structure in the Novels  Kathleen Anderson
B.  Reading Body Language:  A Game of Skill  Juliet McMaster
C.  The Harp in the Barouche:  Musical Courting and Transporting in Jane Austen's Novels  Kathryn Shanks Libin
D.  Gossip in Jane Austen's Novels   Elaine Bander
E.  Wild Schemes of Pleasure and Pain:  Excursions in Austen's Courtship Narratives   Geri Chavis
F.  The Steventon Theatricals:  James Austen's Prologues and Epilogues   Constance Walker
G.  Who Could Ever Be Tired of Bath? Bath as a Leisure Center in Jane Austen's Novels   Keiko Parker

Session Two:  Saturday, October 6, 10:45 a.m. - 11:45 a.m.

A.  Every Savage Can Dance:  Choreographing a Courtship  Nora Stovel
B.  Jane Austen and the Pleasure Principle  Bruce Stovel
C.  I Wish We Had a Donkey:  Pursuing Pleasure in Emma   Marcia Folsom
D.  I Burn With Contempt for My Foes:  Jane Austen's Music Collections and Women's Lives in Regency England   Mollie Sandock
E.  Getting and Spending:  Conspicuous Consumption in Highbury   Sheryl Bonar Craig
F.  Scampering About the Countryside:  Austen's Pedestrian Heroines   June Sturrock
G.  Lethal Pleasures: Recreation, Male Bonding and Social Obligation   Judith Fiedler
H.  Choosing the Man:  Heroic Husband or Lustful Lover?  Pamela Whalan and Nora Walker

Session Three:  Saturday, October 6, 1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

A.  Dangers of the Ball  Barbara Wisecamp
B.  Pictures of Imperfection: Gilray, Rowlandson and Caricature in the Age of Jane Austen  Paula Stepankowsky and Marion LaBeck
C.  Gentlemanly Pursuits:  A Brief Discourse on Snuffs, Cravats and Firearms   Jack Laney
D.  Labors of Leisure   Peter Graham
E.  What Every Librarian Knew:  The Circulating Library and the Pursuit of Reading in the Novels of Jane Austen   Rachel Oriente
F.  I Prefer Walking:  Jane Austen and the Pleasaneist Part of the Day    Sally Palmer
G.  Profitable and Purposeful Performances:  Austen's Accomplished Women   Juliette Wells

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