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Hotel Room Availability

March 10, 2020

Hotel Room Availability

Registration for the AGM will open in June, but the JASNA sleeping room block at the Cleveland Hilton Downtown is open now.  To reserve, click on the link in the blue box on the Hotel page.  If you call the hotel instead, which can be useful if you have special requirements, be sure to ask for a room in the JASNA block.

At the date this post was written, the room block is sold out – but don’t despair!  It is not unusual for JASNA members to reserve rooms early and then release them later, either because they decide to share with someone or because they don’t register for the AGM.  Released rooms will go back into the JASNA block, so keep checking the reservation site.   (If you have reserved a hotel room you won’t be using, please do other JASNA members a favor and release it promptly.)

First-timers sometimes ask whether they must stay at the conference hotel.  The answer is no—though most attendees prefer to, because the AGM schedule is jam-packed and staying on-site makes it easier to take a break between activities.  We also get requests to help match up roommates.  The AGM organizers don’t do this, but we will make available a forum where you can post a roommate request yourself—watch for a post about that in the summer.

“‘If the gentry in the Lion should want beds, shew them number 9.’” 
"The First Act of a Comedy," Volume the Second