Key to Map of London

Source: Where’s Where in Jane Austen … and What Happens There, by Patrick Wilson,
published by the Jane Austen Society of Australia

1 Astleys - Emma
A stadium used for horse shows in Westminster Bridge Road where Robert Martin joins the John Knightleys and Harriet Smith

2 Baker Street - Mansfield Park
The London address of the Andersons, friends of Tom Bertram

3 Bartletts Building - Sense and Sensibility
The address in Holborn of the Miss Steeles’ cousins where they stay upon arriving in London

4 Bedford Square - Mansfield Park
The residential square in London near the house of the Bertrams' cousin where Julia stays

5 Berkeley Street - Sense and Sensibility
The address off Portman Square where Mrs. Jennings lives

6 Bond Street - Sense and Sensibility, Emma
The address of John Willoughby
Where Mr. Elton takes Harriet Smith’s portrait to be framed

7 Brunswick Square - Emma
The address of the John Knightleys

8 Cheapside - Pride and Prejudice
A district and street between St. Paul’s Cathedral and the Bank of England

9 Conduit Street - Sense and Sensibility
The address of the Middletons

10 Covent Garden (not in a novel but a well-known London location)

11 Drury Lane - Sense and Sensibility
The common name for the Theatre Royal in Drury Lane

12 Edward Street - Pride and Prejudice
The address of Mrs. Younge, Georgiana’s ex-governess

13 Gracechurch Street - Pride and Prejudice
The address of the Gardiners in Cheapside

14 Grays - Sense and Sensibility
The jewelers in Sackville Street where Robert Ferrars purchases a toothpick case

15 Grosvenor Street - Pride and Prejudice
The address of the Hursts

16 Hanover Square - Sense and Sensibility
The address of the Palmers

17 Harley Street - Sense and Sensibility
The address of the John Dashwoods

18 Hill Street - Mansfield Park
The address of Admiral Crawford

19 Holborn - Sense and Sensibility
A district and street where the Miss Steeles stay in Bartletts Buildings

20 House of Commons - Persuasion
Where Sir Walter was with Mr. Elliot on two occasions

21 Kensington Gardens - Sense and Sensibility
Where Nancy Steele meets with Elinor to relate the overheard conversation between Lucy and Edward

Little Theater - See 36 below

22 Manchester Street - Emma
The temporary address of the Churchills

23 Pall Mall - Sense and Sensibility
Edward moves to Pall Mall after refusing to break his engagement with Lucy Steele

24 Park Street - Sense and Sensibility
The address of Mrs. Ferrars

25 Portman Square - Sense and Sensibility
A square in the fashionable part of London near Mrs. Jennings’ townhouse

14 Sackville Street - Sense and Sensibility
Address of Gray, the jewelers

26 St. Clements - Pride and Prejudice
Lydia and Wickham are married at St. Clements Danes Church in The Strand

27 St. Georges - Mansfield Park
A fashionable church in Hanover Square where Mary Crawford envisions Fanny and Henry getting married

28 St. James - Pride and Prejudice
The residence of the Royal Family in London

29 St. James Street - Sense and Sensibility
Colonel Brandon’s address

30 Tattersalls - Persuasion
A London club where Sir Walter must have been seen with Mr. Elliot

31 Temple Bar - Persuasion
Where young Mr. Elliot had chambers

32 Tower of London - Northanger Abbey
Henry Tilney tells Catherine that Eleanor believes the Tower of London is threatened with attack

33 Westminster School - Sense and Sensibility
Public school where Robert Ferrars was educated

34 Westminster Abbey - Mansfield Park
Dr. Grant succeeded to a stall at Westminster Abbey

35 Wimpole Street - Mansfield Park
Address of the Rushworths

36 Little Theater - Pride and Prejudice
Where Lydia wants to go during her stay with the Gardiners, one of the few places in London open in the off-season