Call for Papers: New York City Annual General Meeting

The 2012 AGM in New York City invites proposals for breakout sessions related to the conference theme, “Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen’s Fiction.”

W.H. Auden wrote of Austen in 1937:

You could not shock her more than she shocks me,
Beside her Joyce seems innocent as grass.
It makes me most uncomfortable to see
An English spinster of the middle class
Describe the amorous effects of ‘brass,’
Reveal so frankly and with such sobriety
The economic basis of society.

Explicit in her treatment of money matters, Austen also dissects with great care forms of social and familial power—and the consequences, both positive and negative, of sexual attraction.

Nearly two centuries after Austen’s death, what still shocks—or delights—us about her handling of sex, money, and/or power?  How did her own life experiences affect how she approached these issues in her fiction?  With respect to these three topics, how does she differ from her contemporaries and predecessors in the English novel, from her counterparts on the Continent, or from writers in other genres?  How has she influenced her successors?  How, and with what effects, have her treatments of these three topics been reworked by adapters?  We welcome proposals that concentrate entirely on Austen’s fiction as well as those that make substantial connections between her fiction and other materials/realms.

JASNA audiences appreciate inventive and participatory breakout formats as well as traditional lectures that are presented in a lively manner with a minimum of jargon.  Breakout speakers should plan presentations of no more than 40 minutes in length, in order to accommodate an ample question-answer period.  Audio-visual equipment will be available only for those presentations that rely crucially on sound and/or images.

Your one-page proposal should include an abstract of your presentation, including a description of its format.  If you anticipate using AV equipment, please specify which and explain why it is essential.

Along with your proposal, please submit a cover letter with your name, affiliation, mail and e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, and a brief biography.  Identify any former AGMs you have addressed.  Electronic submissions are preferred.  The deadline for submissions is November 1, 2011.

Send to: Dr. Juliette Wells
Associate Professor of English
Manhattanville College
2900 Purchase Street
Purchase, NY 10577

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