Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal On-Line

Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal On-Line (ISSN 1559-7520) is the electronic journal of JASNA.  It is published each December 16 and made freely accessible as part of JASNA’s outreach mission.  All prior numbers will be maintained here indefinitely.  Click the links to see tables of contents. The full text of all essays on this site can be searched.

V.37, No.1, Winter 2016
V.36, No.1, Winter 2015
V.35, No.1, Winter 2014
V.34, No.2, Spring 2014: Teaching Austen and Her Contemporaries
V.34, No.1, Winter 2013
V.33, No.1, Winter 2012
V.32, No.2, Summer, 2012: 200 Years of Sense and Sensibility: Selected Essays from the Conference at the University of St. Andrews
V.32, No.1, Winter 2011
V.31, No.1, Winter 2010
V.30, No.2, Spring 2010: New Directions in Austen Studies
V.30, No.1, Winter 2009
V.29, No.1, Winter 2008
V.28, No.2, Spring 2008: Global Jane Austen
V.28, No.1, Winter 2007
V.27, No.2, Summer 2007: Joe Wright’s Pride & Prejudice (2005)
V.27, No.1, Winter 2006
V.26, No.1, Winter 2005
V.25, No.1, Winter 2004
V.24, No.1, Winter 2003
V.23, No.1, Winter 2002
Occasional Papers, No.4, Winter 2001
V.22, No.1, Winter 2001
V.21, No.2, Summer 2000
V.21, No.1, Winter 2000
Occasional Papers, No.3, Fall 1999: Emma on Film
V.20, No.1, Summer 1999 (The first issue)