Editor’s Note

Jane Austen and Religion: Salvation and Society in Georgian Society
         Michael Giffin

Moral Neutrality in Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park
        Diane Capitani

Persuasion’s Unwritten Story
          Ivor Morris

Pride and Prejudice, Mr. Collins, and the Art of Misreading
       Carole Moses

A Note on a Jane Austen Connection with the Massachusetts Historical Society: Justice Story, Admiral Wormeley, and Admiral Francis Austen
        Farnell Parsons

A Space for Fanny: The Significance of Her Rooms in Mansfield Park
         Melissa Edmundson

The Contribution of Count Rumford to Domestic Life in Jane Austen’s Time
        Hugh Rowlinson

On Pettiness and Petticoats:  The Significance of the Petticoat in Pride and Prejudice
        Efrat Margalit

Jane Austen Works and Studies 2001
       Barry Roth

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