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The New Emma in Emma
Bruce Stovel

“Of very important, very recordable events”: Emma Reads Emma
Elaine Bander

Fun with Frank and Jane: Austen on Detective Fiction
David H. Bell

Jane Fairfax’s Choice: The Sale of Human Flesh or Human Intellect
Lynda A. Hall

“I am Rather a Talker”: Speech and Silence in Emma
June Sturrock

Reading Elegant Extracts in Emma: Very Entertaining!
Susan Allen Ford

An Invitation to the Dance and a Proposal of Marriage: Jane Austen’s Emma and Two Film Adaptations
Nora Foster Stovel


The One-Sided Romance of Jane Austen and Tom Lefroy
Joan Klingel Ray

How Masculinity Plays: Effects of Musicianship in the 1995 Film Adaptation of Sense and Sensibility 
Sarah R. Wakefield

“It’s not a put-down, Miss Bennet; it’s a category”: Andrew Black’s Chick Lit Pride and Prejudice
Jennifer Mary Woolston

Intimacy in Mansfield Park
Michael Goodfellow

The Tragic Action of Mansfield Park
Sarah Emsley

Fanny and the Beatitudes
Josephine Singer

“A Nervous Man, Easily Depressed”: What Is Wrong with Mr. Woodhouse?
Nicola Cummins

Walking a Path toward Marriage in Persuasion
Kathleen Anderson and Tiffany VonderBecke

Jane Austen Bibliography for 2006
Barry Roth

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Persuasions 29 prints more essays from the 2007 Annual General Meeting, Discovering Emma in Vancouver.  Highlights include plenary talks by Jocelyn Harris, Juliet McMaster, and Janet Todd; speculation as to what might have interested Jane Austen about British contact with the indigenous population of North America’s northwest coast; and a variety of discoveries about Highbury, including its political geography, its relation to London, its inhabitants on the autistic spectrum, and even its apples!  The Miscellany features an essay by Karen Joy Fowler, author of The Jane Austen Book Club, on adaptation as well as articles on James Stanier Clarke, horrid novels, Jane Austen’s rhetoric, and more.

Global Jane Austen,” a special issue of Persuasions On-Line, contains a wide variety of essays on cross-cultural adaptations, including Austen in Turkey, on Spanish television, and in Bollywood, as well as appropriations by the contemporary market place (from thong underwear to Christian romance).

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