200 Years of Sense and Sensibility
Selected Essays from the Conference at the University of St. Andrews

Editors’ Note
Marina Cano López, A. Rose Pimentel, and Susan Allen Ford

Imperfect Articulation?

Deaths and Entrances: The Opening of Sense and Sensibility
Nora Bartlett

Jane Austen’s Conversational Pragmatics: Rational Evaluation and Strategic Action in Sense and Sensibility
Bill Hughes

“A Something or a Nothing”: Towards a Sensibilious Reading of Sense and Sensibility
Daragh Downes

The More I Know of the World

“Cruel Comfort”: A Reading of the Theological Critique in Sense and Sensibility
Kathleen James-Cavan

Idleness and Melancholy in Sense and Sensibility
Márta Pellérdi

Marianne’s Addiction: Amorous Pleasures in Sense and Sensibility
Kimiyo Ogawa

The Maiden’s Consent (El sí de las niñas), or Women’s Sense and Sensibility in Absolutist Spain (1806)
Antonio Calvo Maturana

Other Designs Might Afterward Arise

Paula Byrne


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