Editor’s Note
Susan Allen Ford


The Marriage Law of Jane Austen’s World
Martha Bailey

The Economics of Jane Austen’s World
Katherine Toran

Another Look at Mr. Elliot’s “Habits”: What’s So Bad about “Sunday-travelling”?
Kathryn Davis

“I Am the Neatest Worker of the Party”: Making and Mending the Family’s Wardrobe
Ann Buermann Wass

“Unbearably Fine”: The Socio-Political Powers of Jewelry in Jane Austen’s World
Carrie Wright

“A Woman Never Looks Better than on Horseback”
Jill Ottman

“Excluded and Forgotten”: Understanding the Life of George Austen through the History of Intellectual Disabilities
Bridget McAdam

A Revolution in Masculine Style: How Beau Brummell Changed Jane Austen’s World
Jeffrey A. Nigro and William A. Phillips

Jane and the Master Spy
Sheryl Craig


Wilderness and Shrubbery in Austen’s Works
Robert Clark

Aristotelian Ethical Ideas in the Novels of Jane Austen
Amanda Marie Kubic

“With What Intense Desire She Wants Her Home”: Jane Austen on Home as Telos
Christopher Toner

Another Mistress of Deceit? Jane Austen’s Lady Susan and Sarah Harriet Burney’s Geraldine Fauconberg
Carmen María Fernández Rodríguez

Austen Writing Bristol: The City and Signification in Northanger Abbey and Emma
Gillian Ballinger

Jane Austen in Translation: On Sisterhood and Romance in Mochizuki Reiko’s Sense and Sensibility
Tsugumi Okabe

Pride and Prejudice as Angels’ Ladder: Jane Austen’s Novel Becomes Takarazuka Musical Theater
Haruko Takakuwa

Where’s Wickham?
Sue Forgue

A Hypothetical Map of Highbury
Penny Gay

“I Hate to Hear of Women on Board”: Women aboard War Ships
Rowland McMaster

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2014
Deborah Barnum


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