Persuasions #10, 1988                                                                                                            Pages 134-135

Answers for the Quiz: The Cultural Background of the Novels

(Quiz answer references are from Chapman’s edition of The Novels of Jane Austen, Third Edition. Many thanks to Carol Ann Krug Graves from the Northern California Region of JASNA, for her assistance with the quiz answers.)

1.   Political Passions.  Sir Thomas.  Spoken by Mrs. Grant to Mary Crawford. (MP, 161)

2.   Childhood Influences.  Henry Tilney to Catherine Morland, about history books  (NA, 109)

3.   Literary Background.  Novels, Northanger Abbey, Cecilia, Camilla, or Belinda  (NA, 38)

4.   A Woman’s Place.    Charlotte, home, housekeeping, parish, poultry. (PP, 216)

5.   Love and Courtship
Indoor proposals:      Mr. Collins to Elizabeth Bennet (PP, 105-109) 
                                  Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet (PP, 189-193)
                                  Mr. Bingley to Jane Bennet (PP, 346-347)
                                  Henry Crawford to Fanny Price (MP, 301)
Outdoor proposals:   Mr. Collins to Charlotte Lucas (PP, 121)
                                  Mr. Darcy to Elizabeth Bennet (PP, 366)
                                  Henry Tilney to Catherine Morland (NA, 243)
                                  Mr. Elton to Emma (E, 129-132
                                  Mr. Knightley to Emma (E, 430)
                                  Captain Wentworth to Anne Elliot (P, 240)

6.   Parish Business.
       (a) Mr. Knightley is the local magistrate (E, 100, 334)
Relief from the Parish (E, 383)
       (c) Moving the path to Langham (E, 106)

7.   Music. Who plays at the following informal dances:
      (a) Servant (MP, 117)
      (b) Mrs. Weston (E, 229)
Anne Elliot (P, 71)

8.   Propriety and morality.
      (a) The bride was elegantly dressed and the two bridesmaids were duly inferior (MP, 203)
Maria Bertram loves someone other than her husband (MP, 202)

9.   Bookbinding
running over the titles of half a shelf” (NA, 183)
       (b) “every thing announced it to be from a circulating library,” hence a novel, probably the binding. (PP, 68)
the copies were unbound (MP, 191)

10.   Circulating Libraries.
      (a) Mary Musgrove (P, 130)
      (b) To give Susan a share of her own pleasure in biography and poetry (MP, 398)
Mr Parker liked to visit the Library and examine the Library Subscription book, to see both the size of the List of Subscribers and its Distinction, to judge the success of the season. (MW, 389)

11.   Stuart Loyalties.
      (a) First year of the reign of Charles II (P, 4)
James I in 1611, to earn money for the  Crown. (Persuasions Number 15, Eileen Sutherland, The Rise and Fall of the House of Elliot)

12.   Money Talks.
      (a) The division of the funds to offspring stated by the marriage articles was left to the will of the parents (PP, 308)
      (b) 4000 pounds per year (SS, 5)
      (c) Catherines dowry was 3000 pounds, yielding 150 pounds per annum at 5% interest (NA, 251)

13.   Servants. Whom did the following work for?
      (a) Sir Thomas (MP, 180)
      (b) Mrs. Dashwood (SS, 353)
      (c) Mrs. Jennings (SS, 153)
      (d) General Tilney (NA, 103)
      (e) Mary Musgrove (P, 45)
      (f) Mr. Woodhouse (E, 9)

14.   Gardens. (Walled gardens and/or glass houses)
        Sir Thomas Bertram (MP, 54)
        Colonel Brandon (SS, 196-7)
        Mr Palmer (SS, 303)
        Henry Tilney (NA, 175-6)
        General Tilney (NA, 178)
        Mr Allen (NA, 178)

15.   Aldeburgh.
      (a) She can't understand the words (E, 232)
      (b) Anne "was quite impatient for the concert evening" because it "was really expected to be a good one,
and Captain Wentworth was very fond of music" (so she expected him to attend). (P, 180)
Lady Susan wants Frederica "to play and sing with some portion of Taste, & a
good deal of assurance, as she has my hand & arm, & a tolerable voice." (MW, 253)

16.   Houses.
      (a) Mansfield Park (MP, 48)
      (b) Dark narrow stairs, a kitchen that smokes (SS, 72)
      (c) Two (E, 126)

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