Persuasions #11, 1989                                                                                                                                                                 Page 20

  JASNA Literary Competition 1990


Topic: Compare the lovers in Sense and Sensibility and discuss how Jane Austen uses their relationships to define “sense” and “sensibility.” 

UNDERGRADUATE: First $750*; Second $250
GRADUATE: First $750*;  Second $250 


1.      The original, personal essay should offer insight into Jane Austen’s artistry, ideas, and values and should not be primarily a research paper. 

2.      The essay should be 1,200 to 2,000 words and must be typed (double-spaced).  The title page must include the student’s name, permanent address, phone number, college or university, and year in school. 

3.      Participation is limited to undergraduate and graduate students enrolled full or part-time in a college or university. 

4. Essays must be postmarked by April 30, 1990. The contest judges will make their final decisions by August 30, 1990. Winners will be announced in Washington, D.C. in October 1990 at the Annual General Meeting of the Jane Austen Society of North America.  Entries should be sent to: 

Mary Gaither Marshall
JASNA Annual Literary Competition

Lombard, Illinois 

* The judges reserve the right not to award first prize if no superior essay is submitted.

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