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Drawing by George Tucker
Norfolk, VA
Members of the Jane Austen Society of North America will like to know that during 1982 donations sent to St. Nicholas’, Steventon, have amounted to £750. There was a balance of £600 brought forward from the year 1981; this being after £337 had been spent on repairing the south facing leaded windows.

The total amount now standing in the “JASNA Fund” is £1350. This is a most useful sum and enables us to look into the possibility of re-roofing the North side of the Church, i.e. lining the roof, new batons, and replacing the old tiles, making up the broken ones with similar matching old tiles. However, the estimate for this work is £3500 and permission must be obtained from the Church authorities. It would be a most worthwhile project to achieve – in fact, if is not done there must be a possibility of part of the ceiling coming down due to the penetration of rain and snow.

Here in Steventon we shall be making a great effort in 1983 to raise funds to meet the total figure. Our Treasurer, Mr. G. Mann, has told us that we have £400 that may be put towards the Roofing Fund. Is it possible that the Jane Austen Society of North America could also make this a special project for 1983? The re-roofing of the Church, particularly the north side, is a most worthwhile task and would ensure the continuance of Jane Austen’s Church for centuries to come.

Our Visitor’s Book in the Church tells us that there are many visitors from America and Canada and perhaps some of these are members of your Society. We hope they enjoy their visits and find some peace in the rural setting that must have changed little since the 18th Century.

Our heartfelt thanks go to all who have contributed so generously to the cause of St. Nicholas’ Church. It is wonderful that we know that you care so much that the Church should survive and while we take care of the day-to-day Budget (annually, about £800) we are so grateful to you for enabling us and encouraging us to look after the Fabric.

Joyce Bown
Sept. 1982

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