Submissions for Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line

The Editor welcomes submissions that offer original insights into the writings of Jane Austen and the period in which she lived.  With clear and expressive writing appropriate for both academic and informed general readers, articles should consider issues and concepts that open up the writings on a variety of levels, leading toward our common goal of becoming better readers and interpreters of Austen’s works.  Titles of articles should be descriptive, allowing the person scanning the contents a glimpse into the gist of your paper.

Requirements for publication: Articles should be limited to 2000 to 3500 words, 4000 words for papers presented at the JASNA Annual General Meeting, and conform to the MLA Style Manual, with parenthetical documentation for all sources and with American spelling and punctuation.  Articles must refer either to the new Cambridge University Press edition of Jane Austen’s works, under the general editorship of Janet Todd, or to R. W. Chapman’s third edition of Jane Austen’s works, published by Oxford University Press. Place any notes at the end, preceding the Works Cited list.

A detailed style sheet is available on this link.  Email your paper as a .doc file to Susan Allen Ford, Delta State University:

Submission of a paper to Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal or Persuasions On-Line is a representation that it is the author’s original, unpublished work, that it has not been submitted elsewhere, and that the author has secured permission to publish any copyrighted material, including illustrations.  Authors retain the copyright to their essays, but essays accepted for publication in a JASNA journal may not be reprinted elsewhere without the permission of JASNA and its journal Editor.  Payment is three copies of the print journal, if the paper is published in Persuasions.