Homeless on the Page*

(sung to the tune of “Home on the Range”)

Oh give us a home,

Where Marianne roams,

And Colonel Brandon can visit all day

Where the rent is quite low,

And Fanny won’t go,

And London is not far away


Norland was entailed away,

Then Willoughby left for Miss Gray,

Lucy Steele gets a spouse,

But she’s still quite a louse,

Elinor is pragmatic all day


Come to Fort Worth and see,

A toast to Sense and Sensibility

There’s museums galore,

Teas, gardens, and tours,

And you can win the Texas Hold ’em Trophy

So in two thousand eleven,

Come to Texas, it’s heaven,

We will talk of Jane Austen all day

Learn the Two Step and Glide,

There’s a bull you can ride,

Or just chit-chat with Deirdre LeFaye

Oh give us a home on the range!!!!!!!

Singing cowboys: Leo Sherlock (Woody - Hank Dashwood)

Brian Keeler ( Willy - Johnny Willoughby)

(hear Leo’s band Mile 77 at www.myspace.com/mileseventy7)

AGM Lyrics by: Uncle Lenny, Craig, Cheryl, and Kathy.

Original “Home On The Range” composed by Daniel Kelley in 1873.