“… at Barton Cottage you will always be welcome;”

Photos from the AGM are now available!

And not just at Barton Cottage! The North Texas Region is pleased to welcome our fellow JASNA members to Fort Worth for the 2011 Annual General Meeting. The conference will take place October 14-16 and focus on the novel Sense and Sensibility, celebrating the 200th anniversary of its publication. Not only will you be able to greet old friends and make new ones, there are planned events celebrating Jane Austen, the novel, and everything Texas. Our hope is the 2011 AGM “will be exceedingly welcome to all parties” and will offer something for everyone’s sense and sensibility.

We have prepared a special song to welcome you to Fort Worth:

“Home on the Range,” music by Daniel Kelley,
Words by AGM Steering Committee

Please visit all the AGM pages to learn about our conference theme, hotel, our host city of Fort Worth, and more. Note that additional information will be posted when it becomes available.

Rosalie Sternberg
Cheryl Kinney
Coordinators, 2011 AGM