Entertainment Pleasures


An extraordinary collection of pleasures is in store for the Seattle 2001 AGM, including:


 ·        Fashion and Art Gallery

A truly stellar collection of recreated historical clothing will be on display throughout the conference.   Seattle’s own LaMode Bagatelle will have patterns available.  Eighteenth century caricatures and original drawings by Rowlandson and Gillray will be shown, along with intriguing jewelry, clothing, accessories, toilette and personal effects from the Regency period, all from Northwest collectors. 

·        “Sense and Sensibility Concert”

What could be more entertaining that an evening of chamber music presented by George Bozarth, Professor of Music at the University of Washington, and his troupe?  The concert of Hayden, Schubert and others will include a 1816 Broadwood square pianoforte, along with classical violin and voice.  In the recently transformed hall, Seattle Town Hall, http://www.townhallseattle.org/

the evening promises to be magical.  For walkers, the concert is only five blocks from the AGM hotel (admittedly uphill) or buses will shuttle guests from the hotel to Town Hall and back.   

·        Regency Ball

Display your Regency finery at Saturday evening’s Regency Ball, following the banquet.  Our dance master is selecting music and dancers to delight you.  English country dancing can be enjoyed by all, no need to bring partner..  (A dance practice on Saturday afternoon will offer terpsichoreans a chance to brush up on their technique.) 

·        Vocal Recital

The 2001 Seattle AGM will close on Sunday with a charming musical performance evocative of the Assembly Rooms of Bath.  Noted author Paula Schwartz wrote the lyrics and narrative, with music by composer Neil Moyer.  Ms. Schwartz and Mr. Moyer received a grant from the Jane Austen Society to create a musical based on Austen’s work.  Songs from both “An Accident at Lyme” and “Elinor and Marianne” will be performed.   This special concert will capture the effervescence of the Seattle meeting, sending attendees off with a glow of pleasure – and fulfillment.  

Throughout the conference there will be many opportunities for attendees to enjoy themselves, with a daily Visiting Hour to refresh and renew friendships.

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