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Hawai'i Region: Time-Traveling Romance (Virtual)

Sep 24

1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

A Fictional AGM in a Tropical Setting

bobHow exotic! Bob Newell's new novel, Courting Jane, uses an AGM in Honolulu as the starting point for a romantic quest that crosses two continents and two centuries. Newell is the past Regional Coordinator and founding member of the Hawai'i Region and the author of several novels, including a modern retelling of Mansfield Park that takes place in the Aloha State. He will join the discussion and be available for a Q&A session.  

This meeting is open to all JASNA and JAS members. To request the Zoom information, please email the JASNA Hawai'i Regional Coordinator. Please also note that the time shown is Hawai'i Standard Time, and plan accordingly.