PERSUASIONS ON-LINE V.31, NO.1 (Winter 2010)

Jane Austen Bibliography, 2009

Deborah Barnum


Deborah Barnum (email: is a former law librarian, now a bookseller of fine and collectible books, the Regional Coordinator for the JASNA Vermont Region, and an inveterate reader and collector of bibliographies.


There has been no Jane Austen Bibliography since 2006, the last year submitted by Professor Barry Roth prior to his death in 2008.  As Susan Allen Ford wrote in her “In Memoriam” essay in Persuasions On-Line 29.1, the loss of Professor Roth and his contribution to Austen studies is incalculable—his annual “Works and Studies” bibliographies and his three published ten-year annotated compilations will remain a most valuable resource in Jane Austen research.  The current gap in Austen scholarship has led to my taking on this annual task, beginning with the 2009 Bibliography in this issue.  The missing years of 2007 and 2008 will appear in conjunction with the 2010 Bibliography in next year’s Persuasions On-Line.


A few words on format:  the Bibliography has five sections:

  1. Austen Editions:  original works, under Austen if no editor involved, otherwise under the editor’s name

  2. Austen Circle:  original works/editions by Austen family members and friends

  3. Studies:  biographical, critical, and interpretive works

  4. Dissertations:  a select, not exhaustive list of works specifically on Austen

  5. Popular Culture:  sequels, continuations, mash-ups, films, and merchandise

Style follows the MLA 7th edition with one major exception:  the medium qualifier is added only for non-print titles.  Note the use of the “cross-reference” for works in essay collections or anthologies to minimize repetition:  the citation refers to the author/editor and page numbers only.  Annotations are included only for those entries where the title alone is not self-explanatory.


I welcome any comments, suggestions, additions or corrections.


Note: This bibliography was updated in November 2011.



1. Austen Editions


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2. Austen Circle

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3. Austen Studies

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