No. 17, December 16, 1995

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


Editorial The Editors Page 3
News from St. Nicholas Church, Steventon Michael Kenning Page 4
Message from the President Garnet Bass Page 5
Revisiting Mansfield Park in Madison, Wisconsin Jamie Hubbard Pages 6-11
Putting Jane Austen in Order David Gilson Pages 12-15
Jane Austen and Sarah Harriet Burney Lorna J. Clark Pages 16-25
That Excellent Miss Bates Katharine Kittredge Pages 26-30
Jane Austen in Distinguished Company Chris Viveash Pages 31-34 
Regarding Mr. Spence William F. Rocker Pages 35-39
Renouncing the Impossible, Wishing for Nothing in Emma Colin Jager Pages 40-46
Sir Edward’s “Ingenuity”: A Corrected Reading in the Sanditon Manuscript Arthur M. Axelrad Pages 47-48
Jane Austen Works and Studies 1995 Barry Roth,
Patricia Latkin
Pages 49-57
What Became of Jane Austen? Mansfield Park Claudia L. Johnson Pages 59-70
Edmund Bertram: A Politically Correct Hero? Margaret Kirkham Pages 71-76
The Talkers and Listeners of Mansfield Park Juliet McMaster Pages 77-89
Papas and Ha-has: Rebellion, Authority, and Landscaping in Mansfield Park Inger S. B. Brodey Pages 90-96
Sir Thomas Bertram’s “Business in Antigua” Judith Terry Pages 97-105
Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park, Property, and the British Empire Kuldip Kaur Kuwahara Pages 106-110
The Other Play in Mansfield Park: Shakespeare’s Henry VIII Elaine Bander Pages 111-120
Theatricality and the Theatricals in Mansfield Park Penny Gay Pages 121-129
Decoding Fanny’s Position at Mansfield Park Jacqueline Reid-Walsh Pages 130-136
Fanny in Fairyland: Mansfield Park and the Cinderella Legend Thomas Hoberg Pages 137-143
Lady Bertram, Mrs. Norris and Mrs. Price: Place and Moral Identity in Mansfield Park Jacqueline M. Erwin Pages 144-151
Jane Austen, Fanny Price and the Courage to Write Emily Auerbach Pages 152-156
Will Mrs. Norris Return to Harass Another Day? Continuations and Adaptations of Mansfield Park Mary Gaither Marshall Pages 157-166
Power Houses and Polite Fiction Nicholas Preus Pages 167-174
Revisiting Mansfield Park Quiz Judith Beine,
Kathryn Dunlevy-Wilson
Page 175-179
Quiz Answers Brenda Davenport Page 180

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