No. 18, December 16, 1996

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


Message from the President Garnet Bass Pages 3-4
News from St. Nicholas Church, Steventon Joyce Bown Page 5
Letters to the Editor Pages 6-7
The Civility of Emma Joseph Wiesenfarth Pages 8-23
Austen Novels and Austen Films: Incompatible Worlds? Patrice Hannon Pages 24-32
Lady Catherine de Bourgh and Mrs. Elton in the Character of Emma Woodhouse Sarah Croft Pages 33-41
General Tilney and the Milsom Street Merchants—Brothers Under the Skin? Joan R. Vredenburgh Pages 42-45
A Visit to Jane Austen’s Last Home D. Dean Cantrell Pages 46-48 
Freud, The Gothic, and Coat Symbolism in Northanger Abbey Stephen Derry Pages 49-53
Two Queries Concerning Emma: Did Jane Austen Forget Mr. Knightley? Who Wrote Frank Churchill’s “handsome letter”? Joan Austen-Leigh Pages 54-57
That Infamous Flannel Waistcoat Eileen Sutherland Page 58
Jane Austen Works and Studies 1996 Barry Roth,
Patricia Latkin
Pages 59-72
Sir Charles Grandison and Jane Austen’s Men Brian Southam Pages 74-87
Captain Wentworth, British Imperialism and Personal Romance Susan Morgan Pages 88-97
Male whiners in Jane Austen’s Novels Jan Fergus Pages 98-108
Displeasing Pictures of Clergymen Irene Collins Pages 109-119
Jane Austen’s Virginia Connections George Holbert Tucker Pages 120-121
Jane Austen’s Soldier Brother: The Military Career of Captain Henry Thomas Austen Clive Caplan Pages 122-143 
Jane Austen’s Favourite Nephew Joan Austen-Leigh Pages 144-153
Relational Competence: Jane Austen’s Persuasion Laura Tracy Pages 154-158
Jane Austen “Responds” to the Men’s Movement Devoney Looser Pages 159-170
Mass Marketing Jane Austen: Men, Women, and Courtship in Two of the Recent Films Deborah Kaplan Page 171-181
The Hero and the Other Man in Jane Austen’s Novels Margaret Madrigal Wilson Pages 182-185
Jane Austen’s Attractive Rogues: Willoughby, Wickham, and Frank Churchill Lynda A. Hall Pages 186-190
Martians in Jane Austen Carol Shields, 
Anne Giardini
Pages 191-203
Jane Austen and Her Men Quiz Brenda Davenport Page 204-205
Quiz Answers Brenda Davenport Page 57

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