No. 19, December 16, 1997


Message from the President Elsa A. Solender Pages 3-4
Editorial Gene Koppel Page 5
News from St. Nicholas Church Michael Kenning Page 6
The Village of Steventon Joyce Bown Pages 7-11
Henry Austen’s “Memoir of Miss Austen” David Gilson Pages 12-19
Jane Austen and the Athenaeum Again David Gilson Pages 20-22
No “Shiney” Rocks at Sanditon Arthur M Axelrad Pages 23-25
Another Source for Jane Austen’s “Caro Sposo” Robert L. Mack Pages 26-28 
Lady Charlotte Bury and Jane Austen Chris Viveash Pages 29-30
“My house … turned topsy-turvy”: Order and Acting in The Loiterer and Mansfield Park Emily Hipchen Pages 31-35
Crossing Boundaries: Land and Sea in Jane Austen’s Persuasion Laura Vorachek Pages 36-40
Did Jane Austen Hint of Sanditon’s Future Lorraine Hanaway Page 41
Jane Austen Works and Studies 1996 and 1997 Barry Roth,
Patricia Latkin
Pages 42-57
“A little sea-bathing would set me up forever”: The History and Development of the English Seaside Resorts Eileen Sutherland Pages 60-76
Jane Austen: A Voyage of Discovery Reginald Hill Pages 77-92
Sickness and Silliness in Sanditon John Wiltshire Pages 93-102
“We shall … call it Waterloo Crescent”: Jane Austen’s Art of Naming Susannah Fullerton Pages 103-116
Sanditon and “my Aunt”: Jane Austen and the National Debt Edward Copeland Pages 117-129
Resorting and Consorting with Strangers: Jane Austen’s Multiculturalism Inger Sigrun Brodey Pages 130-143 
Sanditon, Empire, and the Sea: Circles of Influence, Wheels of Power Kuldip Kaur Kuwahara Pages 144-148
The Watchers of Sanditon Juliet McMaster Pages 149-159
“Here & There & Every Where”: Is Sidney Parker the Intended Hero of Sanditon? David Bell Pages 160-166
A New Kind of Pastoral: Anti-Development Satire in Sanditon Jane Curry Page 167-176
The Romance of Business and the Business of Romance: The Circulating Library and Novel-Reading in Sanditon Susan Allen Ford Pages 177-186
“—a very elegant looking instrument—”: Musical Symbols and Substance in Films of Jane Austen’s Novels Kathryn L. Shanks Libin Pages 187-194
Sanditon, Northanger Abbey, and Camilla: Back to the Future? Elaine Bander Pages 195-204
Parasols & Gloves & Broches & Circulating Libraries Mary Margaret Benson Pages 205-210
Jane Goes to Sanditon: An Eighteenth Century Lady in a Nineteenth Century Landscape Robert Benson Pages 211-218
Salutes and Satire in Jane Austen’s Characters’ Sense of “Nature” Richard Quaintance Pages 219-225
Jane Austen’s Legacy: Anna Lefroy’s Manuscript of Sanditon Mary Gaither Marshall Pages 226-228
Anna Lefroy’s Continuation of Sanditon: Point and Counterpoint Peter Sabor,
Kathleen James-Cavan
Pages 229-243
Jane Austen and Chicken Soup Marilyn Sachs Pages 244-248
Sanditon Quiz at San Francisco Molly Anderson Pages 249-252
Sanditon Quiz Answers Molly Anderson Page 256

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