No. 8, December 16, 1986


Editorial Joan Austen-Leigh Page 2
From the Editor Elect Juliet McMaster Page 3
President’s Letter Lorraine Hanaway Pages 4-5
News from Steventon Joyce Bown Page 5
Social Impressions: Vancouver Conference Patricia Latkin Pages 6-11
Ask Lady C. Page 11
Muted Merriment: Christmas Celebrations in JA Hugh McKellar Pages 12-16
An Old Daytime Serial Writer Looks at P & P William Morwood Pages 17-19
“Every Body Does Not Hunt” Patricia Jo Kulisheck Pages 20-24
“Truth Universally Acknowledged” Kenneth Moler Page 25 
Lady Catherine’s Grammar Juliet McMaster Pages 26-27
A “Trivial” Jane Austen Game Mary Hardenbrook Page 27
A Letter Muriel Manuel Page 28
Stargazing at Mansfield Park Alma C. Zook Page 29-33
New Light on JA’s Refusal of Harris Bigg-Wither Joan Austen-Leigh Pages 34-36
A Portrait of Mrs. Bingley Lance Bertelson Pages 37-38
Jane Austen and Lord Byron: Connections Elizabeth Barry Pages 39-41
Competition Winners Pages 42-44
Absent Fathers: An Examinations of Father-Daughter Relationships in Jane Austen’s Novels Christine Gibbs Pages 45-50
1807 and All That Mary Millard Pages 50-51
The Eccentric Edifice D. Dean Cantrell Pages 52-55
The Curtain Lifts Donald Greene Pages 55-57
Jane Austen and the Athenaeum David Groves Pages 58-59


“God Gave Us Our Relations”: The Watson Family Juliet McMaster Pages 60-72
“Knit Your Own Stuff” Judith Terry Pages 73-83
Contributors Page 83
Where is Jane Austen in The Watsons? James Heldman Pages 84-91
“Sam is only a Surgeon, you know.” John Norris Pages 92-95
“Excellently Qualified to Shine at a Round Game” Mary M. Benson Pages 96-100 
The Watsons as Pretext Joseph Wiesenfarth Pages 101-111
Quiz: The Watsons Page 112

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Online edition published March, 2014.

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