Persuasions #9, 1987                                                                                                                                            Page 4




Illustrations for this issue of Persuasions come from various sources.  Several contributors have provided their own appropriate illustrative material, with identifying captions.  Some illustrations for Lady Susan and “Love and Freindship,” including our cover design, were inspired by our competition of 1987, and were contributed by Judith Judson, Doris Rosenquist, and (hors de combat) Juliet McMaster.  Further designs and decorations have been supplied by Brad Bechin, Trina Irons, Randy Troppmann, and Dave Ylitalo, students in Design 592 (Instructor, Jorge Frascara) at the University of Alberta, for whose expertise I am grateful.  [Ed.]





“ … brief, though fervent gratitude …”


from all of us to retiring Membership Secretary, Joan Brantz.  For three years Joan has received and processed every new and renewal membership in JASNA; she has received and acknowledged contributions; she has welcomed all new members; she has mailed gift membership cards on the dates requested; she has answered your questions about membership and more.  She has sent out thousands of letters.  We thank her for giving so unselfishly of her time and talent.  Our gratitude also goes to Joan’s husband, George M. Brantz, for his generous support and encouragement, and for his own splendid contributions as JASNA’s Secretary for the past three years.

Many, many thanks to both of them.


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