Persuasions #9, 1987                                                                                                                                            Page 46


Competition Winners, 1987


Last year’s competition called on the artistic talents of our contributors.  Members were invited to design an illustration for one of the juvenilia or Lady Susan, with suitable caption.  Judged the winner was Judith Judson, or “Adelaide Rackham Cosway,” for her elegant silhouette depicting Mrs. Vernon and Lady Susan, which provides the cover design and frontispiece of this issue of Persuasions.  Honourable mention goes to Doris Rosenquist, or “Marjorie Archibald,” for her illustration for Lady Susan, and to another entry of Judith Judson, or “Rosalba Rowlandson,” for an illustration for Love and Freindship.  Both these designs will also be found in this issue.  Judith Judson deserves accumulated congratulation for her varied talents, inasmuch as she was the winner in the 1986 competition for her epistle from Lady Catherine de Bourgh to Mr. Darcy.

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