2000 Annual General Meeting, Oct. 13-15, Boston, MA, USA

Theme: “Pride and Prejudice: Past, Present, Future”

We will reconvene on Sunday morning to hear Marjorie Garber, William R. Kenan, Jr. Professor of English and Director of the Humanities Center at Harvard University. The author of three widely admired books on Shakespeare, she has also published dozens of critical articles and several important books of cultural analysis, criticism, and theory. Her most recent book, Symptoms of Culture (Routledge, 1998), a collection of essays on topics as diverse as “greatness,” Gentleman’s Agreement and anti-Semitism, the Scopes trial, and the history of Roman numerals, has been widely praised.

Professor Garber graduated from Swarthmore College with Highest Honors in 1966. She completed her Ph.D. at Yale with Distinction in 1969. She has taught at Yale and at Haverford College (where she also chaired the Educational Policy Committee), and in 1981 became Professor of English at Harvard. She was named Kenan Professor in 1995.

An acclaimed lecturer, who has won numerous prizes and academic honors, Professor Garber teaches a course on Shakespeare that regularly enrolls 400-500 students. She has also taught a course on Jane Austen at Harvard Summer School. She is author of several op-ed pieces for the New York Times, and has appeared on a number of nationally televised talk shows such as “Charlie Rose” and “Oprah Winfrey.”  She is often called upon by print and electronic media to offer observations on the current cultural scene. Her forthcoming books include The Medusa Reader (co-edited with Nancy J. Vickers, Routledge, spring 2000), Sex and Real Estate: Why We Love Houses (Pantheon, summer 2000), and Academic Instincts (Princeton University Press, fall 2000). We are delighted to present this noted lecturer and cultural critic to our discerning JASNA audience.  Her speech is entitled “The Jane Austen Syndrome.”

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