2007 Annual General Meeting, Oct. 5-7, Vancouver, BC Canada

Theme: "Discovering Emma in Vancouver"

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Travel Information


Vancouver International Airport, which is served by most major airlines, is located about 30 - 35 minutes from downtown Vancouver. Taxi fare will cost about C$30.00. A shuttle service (www.yvrairporter.com) is available from the 2nd level of the airport. It runs every 15 - 20 minutes from the airport to the hotel. C$13.00 one way, C$20.00 return.

Important New Requirements for Travellers

As of January 23, 2007, travellers to and from Canada are required to have a passport to enter Canada or re-enter the United States. If you need a U.S. passport, apply now as processing times have increased due to high volume. For more information, check out US Department of State at www.state.gov.

Canadian Currency

The hotel, cabs and shops require payment in Canadian currency. Credit cards may be used, and Canadian dollars may be obtained from cash machines. Currency may also be converted to Canadian dollars at the airport.

Vancouver Weather in October

“What weather we have! --- What shall we do about it?” (Jane Austen: letter to Cassandra)

Bring your umbrella!  We’re called the we(s)t coast of Canada! Sometimes it’s sunny and mild in October but average high/low temperatures are 10/3C (56/45F).


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