No. 14, December 16, 1992

Editors: Joan Austen-Leigh, Lorraine Hanaway, Gene Koppel


News from St. Nicholas Church, Steventon Joyce Bown Page 3
Henry J. Burke Grants Page 4
The Conference at Santa Monica One Who Was There Pages 5-10
Photos of the Conference Susan Cisco Pages 11-15
Jane Austen and the Militia John Breihan and Clive Caplan Pages 16-26
To See Ourselves as Others See Us: Foreign Travellers in England Eileen Sutherland Pages 27-38 
“Dull Elves” and Feminists: A Summary of Feminist Criticism of Jane Austen Christine Marshall Pages 39-45
Who Are You? (Poem) Luanne Bethke Redmond Page 46
The Mouse Who Loved Jane Austen (Story) Lesley Smith Pages 47-52
Lady Morley and the “Baron so Bold” Chris Viveash Pages 53-56
Jemima Lucy Lefroy Margaret C. Hammond Pages 57-61
The Children in Emma Juliet McMaster Pages 62-67
A Source for the Names in Persuasion Barbara M. Benedict Pages 68-69
Harriet Smith’s Reading Stephen Derry Pages 70-72
A Limerick for Jane Austen’s Birthday Lois White Wilcox Page 73
How to Fold a Letter in Jane Austen’s Time Stephen Derry Pages 74-75


Jane Austen’s Letters Deirdre Le Faye Pages 76-88
Jane Austen’s Houses in Fact and Fiction Nigel Nicolson Pages 89-93
Travels With Penelope Stuart M. Tave Pages 94-103
Letter Writing, Cassandra, and the Conventions of Romantic Love Susan Morgan Pages 104-112
Domesticity at Sea: the Example of Charles and Fanny Austen Deborah Kaplan Pages 113-121
Folks That Go A Pleasuring Sara Wingard Pages 122-131 
A New Map of the World, 1808 Norman J. W. Thrower Pages 132-135
Growing Up in Steventon Penelope Hughes-Hallett Pages 136-139
Report on 1992 Literary Contest Mary Gaither Marshall Page 140
Winning Essay, “It is like a Woman’s Writing” Ray Tumbleson Page 141-143
1993 JASNA Literary Competition Page 144
Persuasions Competition, 1992 Page 145
Quiz: Letters Pages 146-147

Jane Austen Society of North America, Inc. All rights reserved. Contributors retain their individual copyrights.
Online edition published March, 2014.

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