JASNA Publications

I declare after all there is no  enjoyment like reading!

JASNA’s annual, peer-reviewed journals, Persuasions and Persuasions On-Line, are preeminent sources for Austen studies, featuring essays about Jane Austen’s work and world. Persuasions is mailed to JASNA members in the late spring. Persuasions On-Line is published December 16 (Jane Austen’s birthday).

The society’s newsletter, JASNA News, is mailed to members three times a year. It carries feature articles, regional news and photos, stories about the Annual General Meeting, and reports from Austen sites in England. Each issue of JASNA News also includes reviews of books about Jane Austen, her works, and her era.

JASNA’s Annual General Meetings sometimes provide the occasion for publications written for and distributed to those in attendance. The AGM Publications section of the website can make such works available to a worldwide readership.

The full text of all articles and essays on this site can be searched online.