Breakout Speakers

“The person, be it gentlemen or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel
[or good breakout session!], must be intolerably stupid.”

The 2017 AGM Speaker Selection Committee proudly announces our preliminary roster of breakout speakers and topics.  In future updates, we will post descriptions of the breakouts, short speaker biographies, and session assignments.

“Deciphering Mr. Darcy: Gendered Receptions over Time”
Monica Alvarez, New York Metropolitan Region

“JASNA and the Academy: The Anxiety of Affiliation”
Elaine Bander, Québec-Montréal Region

“The Talk: Lady Susan the Novella and Love and Friendship the Film”
Pauline Beard, Pacific University, OR
Jennifer Snoek-Brown, Tacoma Community College, WA

“‘I want my Mr. Darcy’: Using Pride and Prejudice as Bibliotherapy”
Emily Bergman, California-Southwest Region
Alice Bergman, Oregon/SW Washington Region

“Jane Austen’s Lives and Deaths Through Fan Fiction, or How We Rewrite Her Work and Her Life”
Maria Clara Pivato Biajoli, Campinas, Brazil

“Writing on Austen’s Coattails in the 1930s: Angela Thirkell and the Austen Revival”
Sara Bowen, Wisconsin Region

“The ‘Sparkling Vitality’ of Jane Austen and Eudora Welty”
Carolyn Brown, Mississippi Region

“Updating Jane Austen’s Morality in 21st Century Fiction”
Paul Butler, Alberta-Calgary Region

“‘But what fools these mortals be!’ – Jane Austen’s Thoughts upon Looking Down from Paradise”
Diane Capitani, Northwestern University, IL

Lady Susan and Zombies? Seriously?”
Margaret Case, Roger Williams University, RI

“‘She Drew Up Plans of Economy’: Jane Austen and the Modern Theory of Economics”
Christopher Cassidy, New York-Central and Western Region

“Reading Jane Austen through the Lens of the Law: Legal Issues in Austen’s Life and Novels”
Maureen Collins, John Marshall Law School, IL
and “Beyond the Grave: Jane Austen on Estates and Trusts”
Karen Stakem Hornig, Missouri-Central Region

“[H]is mourning should be as handsome as possible”
Sheryl Craig, University of Central Missouri, MO

“‘Periods of anxiety and cheerlessness’: Jane Austen and Melancholy”
Jane Darcy, University College, London, England

“Surfing Sensibilities: Reading Austen in the Age of the World Wide Web”
Andrea Rehn, Whittier College, CA
Natasha Duquette, Tyndale University College, ON

Sanditon at 200: Intimations of a New Consumerist Society”
Sara Dustin, Florida SouthWestern State College, FL

“The Immortality of Elinor and Marianne: Reading Sense and Sensibility
Susan Allen Ford, Delta State University, MS

“Jane Austen, Fangirl: Austen among the Amateur Authors”
Emily Friedman, Auburn University, AL

“Jane Austen’s Dirty Girls and the Breakdown of Boundaries”
Kathy Gentile, University of Missouri, MO

“‘Behold me Immortal’: Jane Austen on the Internet”
Jocelyn Harris, Dunedin, New Zealand

“Jane Austen Herself as a Character in Fiction and Film”
Syrie James, California-Southwest Region

“Empathic Austen: Every Reader’s Forever Friend”
Wendy Jones, New York-Central and Western Region

“Kicking Ass in a Corset: Jane Austen’s 7 Principles for Leadership from the Inside Out”
Andrea Kayne, DePaul University, IL

Northanger Abbey and Sexual Selection: Genetic Immortality”
Beth Lau, California State University at Long Beach, CA
and “Jane Austen’s Characters and the Quest for Biological Immortality’
Dottie Marron, California-San Diego Region

“The Eighteenth (and Early Nineteenth) Century Fishing Fleet: Jane Austen’s Persuasion and the Adventuresses of the Age”
Elisabeth Lenckos, Illinois-Greater Chicago Region

“Jane Austen, a Touchstone Across Cultures”
Arshud Mahmood, California-Southwest Region

“Jane Austen’s Sanditon: Inspiring Continuations, Adaptations, and Media for 200 Years”
Mary Marshall, Illinois-Greater Chicago Region

“Anne’s Afterlife: Austen’s Rules for Getting a Good Ending, even after You Mess It Up”
Esther Moon, University of Dallas, TX
and “‘I cannot get out’: The Self-Imposed Afterlife of Maria Bertram’
Leta Sundet, University of Dallas, TX

“Was It Good For You?: Sex, Love and Austen”
Dr. Nora Nachumi, Yeshiva University, NY
Dr. Stephanie Oppenheim, City University of New York, NY

“Jane Austen’s Earthly Sendoff to Paradise: Funeral and Other Death Rituals in Regency England”
James Nagle, Washington-Puget Sound Region

“Paradise Revisited: Illustrating Austen During the Regency Revival”
Jeffrey Nigro, Art Institute of Chicago and Newberry Library, IL

“Galigai, St. Swithin & Diana Parker: The Dying Jane Austen’s Ambition for Immortality & Gender Justice”
Arnie Perlstein, Oregon/SW Washington Region

“Bitch In a Bonnet: A Blogger’s Journey with Jane Austen”
Robert Rodi, Illinois-Greater Chicago Region

“Digital Godmersham: Jane Austen’s Paradise Regained”
Peter Sabor, McGill University, QC

“Modernizing Jane Austen: The HarperCollins Project”
Nora Stovel, University of Alberta, AB

“Defamiliarizing Austen: Strangers at Home”
Sam Tett, Indiana University, IN

“Jane Austen’s Literary Legacy: The Marriage Plot in Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen and The Portrait of a Lady by Henry James”
Elaine Toia, SUNY Rockland Community College, NY

“Before it was all about Mr. Darcy: Two Hundred Years of People-Watching in Austen’s World”
Linda Troost, Washington & Jefferson College, PA
Sayre Greenfield, University of Pittsburgh, PA

“Modernist Jane: Austen’s Reception by Writers of the Twenties and Thirties”
Lisa Tyler, Sinclair College, OH

“Evidence from the Archives: Relating Jane Austen’s Novels to Austen Family Politics”
Alice Villaseñor, Medaille College, NY

“An Early Reader of Austen in North America: Christian, Countess of Dalhousie”
Juliette Wells, Goucher College, MD

“The Life of Jane Austen’s Letters”
Ruth Williamson, Christchurch, New Zealand