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JASNA's Jane Austen Bibliographies
Now Easier to Find

March 4, 2021

JASNA's Jane Austen Bibliographies <br>Now Easier to Find</br>

Did you know that JASNA has published an annual Jane Austen Bibliography since 1993? The bibliographies are an invaluable resource for scholars and researchers, book collectors, and avid Austen followers, and they are freely accessible on our website. But many don't know they exist or don't know where to find them. To remedy that, we have added a new Jane Austen Bibliographies page to the Publications section of this site, consolidating the links to all the bibliographies in one place.

Our bibliographers seek to cover all the works and studies published by and about Jane Austen during the year, including:

  • New editions of Austen's works
  • New editions of works by and about Austen family members and friends
  • Biographical, critical, and interpretive works
  • Selected dissertations
  • Austen-inspired sequels, reimaginings, mash-ups, films, merchandise, etc.

While the emphasis is on works in English, publications in other languages and from other countries are included if they are readily accessible to the researcher. Compiling the annual bibliography is a weighty task, since the number of Austen-related books and essays has only grown over the years, with no decrease in sight.

A Brief History of Our Jane Austen Bibliographies

JASNA's first bibliography was compiled by Pat Latkin, founder and former owner of Jane Austen Books. Subsequently, scholar and bibliographer Barry Roth came on board and worked with Pat for a few years until he took over the annual bibliography completely in 1997. Roth had previously published three volumes of Jane Austen Studies covering the years 1952-1994, which complemented David Gilson’s A Jane Austen Bibliography—the bible for Austen studies, published in 1982 and updated in 1997. Deborah Barnum continued the annual studies from 2007 through 2018. The recently published 2019 edition was compiled by Carol Grigas, Lise Snyder, and Claire Bellanti. 

From 1993 to 2001, the annual bibliographies were published in our print journal Persuasions (Vols. 15-23) and were later made available on our website as PDF files. Since 2000, JASNA has been publishing the bibliographies in our web-based journal Persuasions On-Line (starting with Vol. 22.1). 

One-Stop Access to the Bibliographies 

Visit the new Jane Austen Bibliographies landing page to find all the links in one place.