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Young Filmmakers
Contest Winners Named

November 13, 2017

Young Filmmakers<br>Contest Winners Named

Congratulations to the winners of the JASNA Southwest Region's Young Filmmakers Contest! The host region for the 2017 AGM invited high school, college, and graduate school students to submit a short film inspired by Jane Austen’s writing or life and related in some way to the conference theme: “Jane Austen in Paradise.”

The winning submissions were screened at the AGM in Huntington Beach, CA, in October and are available to view online on the JASNA Southwest Region's website.  

First place: An Accomplished Woman by Rivkah Penarelli née Massey, Peralta Community College, Oakland, CA  

Second place (tie):  I Am Jane Austen by Margaret (Xuan Yi) Lu, High School, Vancouver, BC

Second place (tie):  Timeless by Katiana Bennett, High School, Lino Lakes, MN

Third place:  Novelist Jane Austen: Inside the Wardrobe by Elizabeth Hayes, London College of Fashion, Huntington Beach, CA

Kudos to all!