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Persuasions: The Jane Austen Journal On-Line is JASNA's digital, peer-reviewed publication. It offers essays on Jane Austen’s writing, her world, and her legacy in literature and other media.

Each issue includes papers from JASNA’s most recent Annual General Meeting as well as essays by scholars and others on a variety of topics.  


Persuasions On-Line is published on JASNA’s website each year on December 16, Jane Austen’s birthday. It is available to the public as part of JASNA's outreach mission.

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Use the site-wide keyword Search function or the Filtered Search tool below to find articles published in Persuasions On-Line on a specific topic. (NOTE: We are in the process of tagging JASNA's publications for the Filtered Search tool. If you are looking for all articles and essays on a particular subject, please use the keyword Search function until the tagging project has been completed.)

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Susan Allen Ford
Delta State University


Joan Austen-Leigh


Elaine Bander
Dawson College

Inger Sigrun Brodey
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Julia Prewitt Brown
Boston University

Edward Copeland
Pomona College

Celia A. Easton
State University of New York at Geneseo 


Jan Stockton Fergus
Lehigh University

Laurie Kaplan
Florida State University London Centre

Juliet McMaster
University of Alberta

Juliette Wells
Goucher College

Laura Mooneyham White
University of Nebraska-Lincoln