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1979 Legacy Circle

Join JASNA's 1979 Legacy Circle with a planned gift or bequest.

Austen Leigh and GreyMembers of the 1979 Legacy Circle have included the Jane Austen Society of North America in their planned giving. They have the satisfaction of helping to ensure that JASNA, founded in 1979, will continue to thrive and carry out its mission well into the future. Planned gifts to JASNA also provide tax advantages because the Society is exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the US Internal Revenue Code.

Your deferred gift will help fund our strategic initiatives, including promoting the reading and appreciation of Jane Austen among diverse audiences, growing the next generation of Austen scholars, and expanding our benefits and services for members.

You can support JASNA through a variety of planned giving options. JASNA can be named as a beneficiary in your will or living trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or bank or brokerage account. Other options include the creation of a charitable gift annuity or charitable trust. Because each individual’s financial situation is unique, JASNA cannot provide estate planning advice. To learn more about planned giving options and which is right for you, please consult your financial advisor or attorney. 

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How Do You Join the 1979 Legacy Circle?

If you have named JASNA as a beneficiary in your will, living trust, retirement plan, life insurance policy, or bank or brokerage account, please download and complete the Statement of Deferred Giving so that we can welcome you as a member of the 1979 Legacy Circle. You may email the form to LegacyCircle@jasna.org or mail it to the address provided in the form.


Please contact LegacyCircle@jasna.org if you have questions or would like further information on how your gift can make a difference. Asking for more information does not imply a commitment on your part.

You may also download a brochure that discusses the 1979 Legacy Circle and Friends of JASNA.

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