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Purchase Back Issues

Extra printed copies of the Persuasions editions listed below are available for purchase while supplies last.

Once the inventory for an issue has been depleted, a digital version of the out-of-print issue is posted on this website. Used copies may be available for purchase from Jane Austen Books, and many university and public libraries have Persuasions in their collections or can obtain back issues through inter-library loan. 

Members: to replace a damaged or missing copy of the current issue at no charge, email JASNA Publications Secretary Debra Duncan at JASNApubsecretary@gmail.com.

Persuasions Inventory

Back Issues

If you don't see the issue you want listed below, you may be able to purchase a used copy from Jane Austen BooksIssues published prior to 2000 are also available to read online.

Use the links below to view the contents of each issue. 

No. 7 (1985):  Northanger Abbey (also available to read online)

No. 8 (1986):  The Watsons (also available to read online)

Occasional Papers No. 2 (1986):  Fanny Knight (also available to read online)
(Occasional Papers are booklets that focus on a special topic of interest to Jane Austen readers.)

No. 14 (1992):  The Letters, Focusing on Travel and the Sea (also available to read online)

No. 16 (1994):  Jane Austen and the 3 Rs: Rebellion, Revolution and the Regency (also available to read online)

No. 17 (1995):  Revisiting Mansfield Park (also available to read online)

No. 18 (1996):  Jane Austen and Her Men (also available to read online)

No. 19 (1997):  Sanditon: The New Direction? (also available to read online)

No. 20 (1998):  Northanger Abbey: The Gothic and More (also available to read online)

No. 21 (1999)Emma: Austen at Her Peak (also available to read online)

No. 22 (2000):  Pride and Prejudice: Past, Present, and Future

No. 23 (2001)Pleasures, Pursuits, and Passions: Entertainment and Jane Austen

No. 24 (2002):  Jane Austen’s World: Artistic, Domestic, Political, Social

No. 25 (2003)Homecoming: The Importance of Home and Family in Jane Austen’s Life and Works

No. 26 (2004) Anne Elliot in the City: Interior and Exterior Worlds 

No. 27 (2005)Jane Austen's Letters in Fact and Fiction

No. 28 (2006)Fresh Perspectives on Mansfield Park

No. 29 (2007)Discovering Emma in Vancouver

No. 30 (2008)Jane Austen’s Legacy: Life, Love, & Laughter

No. 31 (2009):  Jane Austen's Brothers & Sisters in the City of Brotherly Love

No. 33 (2011) 200 Years of Sense and Sensibility

No. 34 (2012)Sex, Money and Power in Jane Austen’s Fiction

No. 35 (2013)Pride and Prejudice . . . Timeless

No. 36 (2014)Mansfield Park in Montréal: Contexts, Conventions and Controversies

No. 37 (2015) Living in Jane Austen’s World

No. 38 (2016):  Emma at 200: "No One but Herself"

No. 39 (2017):  Jane Austen in Paradise: Intimations of Immortality

No. 40 (2018):  Persuasion: 200 Years of Constancy and Hope

No. 41 (2019):  200 Years of Northanger Abbey: "Real, Solemn History"

No. 42 (2020):  Jane Austen's Juvenilia: Reason, Romanticism, and Revolution

No. 43 (2021):  Jane Austen in the Arts

Current Issue

No. 44 (2022)Sense and Sensibility in the City of Gardens


Back issues:  $12 USD, plus shipping

Current issue:  $30 USD, plus shipping

Shipping:  For orders shipped within the US, add $4.50 for one title and $0.50 for each additional title.
For orders shipped to Canada and other locations outside the US, please email or call for a shipping quote.

How to Order

Jane Austen Books sells the surplus print inventory of Persuasions for JASNA. There are 3 ways to order.

  • Online:  Go to the Jane Austen Books website and pay by credit card or PayPal (foreign currencies accepted).
  • By Email or Phone:  Contact Jane Austen Books at jasnapubs@gmail.com or call 440-655-6000.
  • By Mail:  Print the Persuasions Order Form and mail it with a check payable to "Jane Austen Books" to the address on the form.


Email or call Jane Austen Books at jasnapubs@gmail.com / 440-655-6000 or contact JASNA Publications Secretary Debra Duncan at JASNApubsecretary@gmail.com.

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