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2017 Young Filmmakers Contest Winners

The JASNA Southwest Region launched an annual Young Filmmakers Contest in 2017 as part of hosting JASNA's Annual General Meeting that year. Amateur filmmakers under 30 were invited to submit an original short of five minutes or less centered around Jane Austen, and the winning films premiered at the AGM.

An Accomplished Woman

By Rivkah Penarelli
First Place

In this documentary, Rivkah Penarelli describes how she overcame severe dyslexia through her love of Jane Austen's novels.



By Katiana Bennett
Second Place (tie)

In this film, an awkward high school student whose dreams take her to faraway places and back again.


I Am Jane Austen

By Margaret Lu
Second Place (tie)

This soulful piece explores Jane Austen's dream life as channeled through a young woman writer.


Inside the Wardrobe with Jane Austen: a British Vogue Parody

By Elizabeth Hayes
Third Place

What would British Vogue editors have found in Jane Austen's closet?



“. . . from politics, it was an easy step to silence.”

Northanger Abbey