“One always knows beforehand what the dinner will be, and who will be there.”
                                                                                               Persuasion, Vol. III, Ch. 5

Miss Elliot invites you to

An Evening at Camden Place

in our convenient AGM Assembly Rooms
Saturday, 29 September 2018

Libations and Conversation

5:30 pm
Century Ballroom Foyer

British Pub Quiz

5:30 pm
Led by British Quiz Host Tom Kelly
Pershing East/West Rooms

Regency Banquet

6:30 pm seating
Century Ballrooms A, B & C

Fountain Promenade

Led by St. Andrew Scottish Piper
Crown Center Square Fountain

Lighting in the Time & Novels
of Jane Austen

By Sue Dell
Liberty Room

Regency Ball

Calling by Jerome Grisanti
Music by Rebecca Bell
Century Ballrooms A, B & C

Whist Room

Advice from Card-Playing Coaches
Pershing East/West Rooms