“What a happy day for booksellers, music-sellers, and print-shops!”

Toothpick Case
Robert Ferrars’s toothpick case.

Ever wish that somebody would give you a large fortune? “Oh, that they would!”… as it would be easy to spend in the Emporium.

For those attendees of the Marianne persuasion, an incredible array of new and rare books will be available from Travellers’ Tales Books, Jane Austen Books, Juvenilia Press, and Chawton House Library.  Regency dresses, bonnets, teas, jewelry, antiques, and calendars will offer temptation whether you are a Miss Dashwood, Mrs. Palmer or a Mrs. Ferrars (well, maybe not a Mrs. Ferrars).

Bingley’s TeaIndianapolis
Bonny Blue (regency apparel)Minnesota
Chawton House LibraryNew York Metropolitan
Cottleston-Pye English AntiquesOhio-Dayton
Jane Austen BooksEastern Pennsylvania
Juvenilia PressNorth Texas
Marilyn MorganWashington, D.C.
Purple SashWisconsin
Regency World Magazine
Travellers’ Tales Books
Yours Affectionately, Jane Austen


Note that additional information will be posted when it becomes available.  Questions?  Please e-mail jasnaagm2011@gmail.com.

Vicki Ford, Emporium Chair