Banquet, Ball, and Brunch

“They speedily discovered that their enjoyment of dancing and music was mutual,”


After a fabulous day of speakers, celebrate the 200th anniversary of Sense and Sensibility on Saturday from 6:00 PM until 7:00 PM at a lively cash bar reception introducing the 2012 AGM Committee from New York.  The Banquet will begin at 7:00 PM with a toast to Jane Austen by former JASNA president Elsa Solender with the AGM attendees and their companions offered either a Texas (BBQ brisket and Chicken Fried Chicken) or a vegetarian option for dinner.  Professor Eric Nye will introduce the 2011 Essay Contest winners during the event.  After dinner you can join the Promenade around Sundance Square in Downtown Fort Worth.


Ladies at Play
Ladies at Play

After the Promenade, you can participate in the lively discussion of the “Open Season on Sense and Sensibility” session, bluff your way through the Texas Hold’em Tournament (advance registration required), or attend the Regency Ball.

The 200th Anniversary Celebration Regency Ball will feature the special guest musicians, Ladies at Play.  This versatile and talented group has been performing for regional English Country dances since 2008.  The members are Miranda Arana (flute), Shanda McDonald (violin), Kathy Dagg (guitar, bouzouki, mandolin), and Julia Harris (piano & viola).  The depth and breadth of their knowledge and experience with multiple music genres contributes to the artfully unique sound of this dynamic quartet.


Beverly Francis
Beverly Francis

We are thrilled to welcome Beverly Francis as Dance Mistress who, even as a young girl, “was engaged by the beauty of the tunes and the dance patterns, and the sociability of dancing with a partner and a whole set.”  For the ball Beverly has chosen the following dances all of which were published close to Jane Austen’s lifetime:

  1. Sprigs of Laurel 1794
  2. Highland Lilt 1726
  3. The Margate Hoy 1783
  4. The Northdown Waltz 1820
  5. Moll in the Wad early 19th century
  6. The Midnight Ramble 1773
  7. Mr. Beveridge’s Maggot 1695
  8. The Whim of the Moment 1791
  9. The Hop Ground 1794
  10. The Duke of Kent’s Waltz 1801

Beverly has also provided complete instructions for the above dances.


After congratulating Marianne and Colonel Brandon, Elinor and Edward, and if you are feeling charitable, Lucy Steele and the toothpick tote’n Robert Ferrars, hold on to your hats, partners!  We will end the conference with a dynamic video interview featuring Deirdre Le Faye in a tribute to Sense and Sensibility.