AGM registration is now closed.

Please note that this conference is open only to JASNA members.  You can join as part of the registration process if you aren’t currently a member.

Registration Fees and Limits

The registration fee for the 2011 AGM is $250 if your form is postmarked on or before July 1 and $285 if it is postmarked after July 1.  The final postmark date to register for the AGM is August 1.  We are planning for 600 JASNA registrants.  Registration will be closed if this number is reached, regardless of the date.  Register early to avoid disappointment.

Registration Postmark Deadlines

Early AGM Registration: July 1, 2011
Roommate Matching Service: July 1, 2011
Regular AGM Registration: August 1, 2011
AGM Refund: September 1, 2011

Student Registration

JASNA’s Bylaws provide that members who are students may register for the AGM if they are in the ninth grade or higher.

AGM Refund Policy

A full registration refund, minus a $75 processing fee, will be given if written notification is postmarked or received by September 1, 2011.  Partial refunds cannot be given.  Refund requests should be sent to the AGM Registrar’s e-mail or mailing address.

While a registration form was included in a mailing to all JASNA members, we would prefer that you fill out the version in Adobe Acrobat PDF format posted below.  (Click on "Registration Form" in the blue button.)  This is an auto-fill version that will allow you to easily type in your information, and it will even calculate the Total amount at the bottom of the form.  We ask you to print out two copies, keep one, and mail in the other with your check or money order made out to “JASNA AGM 2011” (postal address on the form).  Please allow up to two weeks for processing your registration form once it is received.  AGM registration confirmations will be sent by e-mail if an e-mail address is provided.

Before completing the AGM Registration Form, please check the AGM Registration Totals table below to avoid registering for sold-out events.

Registration questions?  Please e-mail Janet Jelen, Fort Worth AGM Registrar, at or 214-549-7756.

AGM Registration Form

The Tour Registration Form is on the Tours page.

Notes about the Form:

  • Only forms that are completed correctly and accompanied by full payment will be processed.
  • If you do not select a banquet choice on the form, we will select one for you.
  • Only the Total amount at the bottom of the form will be calculated automatically.  You will need to enter the correct fee amount on each line, multiplying the fees yourself if you are purchasing tickets for more than one person.  Some Mac users may find that the Total does not calculate automatically.  In that case, please write in the Total manually.

Registration Totals as of September 6, 2011

AGM Registrations (600 max)


Companion Tickets (100 max)


Fort Worth Woman’s Club Tea (200 max)


Billy Bob’s (300 max)


Stolen Shakespeare Guild’s Sense and Sensibility (78 max)


Post-Conference Dinner (125 max)


Stitch and Sensibility Workshop 1 - Oct 13, 1:00 PM (20 max)


Stitch and Sensibility Workshop 2 - Oct 14, 8:30 AM (20 max)


Silhouettes and Sensibility Workshop 1 - Oct 13, 1:00 PM (50 max)


Silhouettes and Sensibility Workshop 2 - Oct 14, 8:30 AM (50 max)


Scrapbooks and Sensibility Workshop 1 - Oct 13, 1:00 PM (50 max)


Scrapbooks and Sensibility Workshop 2 - Oct 14, 8:30 AM (50 max)


English Country Dance Workshop 1 - Oct 12, 6:30 PM (60 max)


English Country Dance Workshop 2 - Oct 12, 8:30 PM (60 max)


English Country Dance Workshop 3 - Oct 13, 8:30 AM (60 max)


English Country Dance Workshop 4 - Oct 13, 10:30 AM (60 max)


English Country Dance Workshop 5 - Oct 14, 10:30 AM (60 max)


Texas Hold’em Tournament - Oct 15, 9:00 PM (80 max)