Air travel

Huntington Beach is served by three major airports: John Wayne International/SNA (10 miles from the hotel), Long Beach International/LGB (18 miles from the hotel) and Los Angeles International/LAX (38 miles from the hotel).  You may also choose to fly in to San Diego International/SAN, which is about 95 miles south of Huntington Beach.  All of them offer numerous flight options.

Roundtrip airfare from Philadelphia to John Wayne currently ranges from $368 to $523.


Southwest Airlines often has the best prices; it serves John Wayne, LAX and San Diego.  JetBlue Airlines offers reasonable flights to Long Beach from many U.S. cities.  Long Beach is only about 18 miles from Huntington Beach.

Transportation to the hotel

HOOTBOARD can help you link up to share a SuperShuttle van or an Uber or Lyft ride or cab with other attendees arriving at the same airport. (Simply send a request to Erika Kotite:, and you will be able to post a brief message and receive replies, all visible ONLY to other JASNA posters. ) Be aware that cab fare is pricey: $90-$120 from LAX. But SuperShuttle charges $39 for the first person from LAX, and only $9 for the second to ninth person in your party.  From John Wayne the charge is $27 for the first person and $9 for each additional member of your party.  Prime Time has slightly higher rates. Google either prior to your trip for additional special discount codes.
NOTE: From Long Beach Airport, SuperShuttle will provide only a full van for nine persons for $91; Primetime, however, will transport an individual for $39.
NOTE: These prices may be subject to change.


The climate is generally sunny, dry and cool, although evenings can be damp due to the ocean breeze.  Prevailing westerly and southwesterly winds off the Pacific Ocean help maintain pleasant, smog-free weather year round.  October temperatures range mostly from 60° to 72° Fahrenheit.